This is Harvey.

36" x 24"
watercolor by Jamie Hansen

This is Harvey, 36″ x 24” watercolor and ink on 156lb arches watercolor paper, 2021. Harvey Dalton Arnold plays guitar in Haw River, NC.

“My name is Harvey Dalton Arnold and I’ve been a working musician since my high school days. I’m now 67 years old. In early 2020, I was lucky enough to release my first recording in nearly 6 years. It was very exciting, and I was very proud of our work, with 9 songs recorded in 3 days in Brooklyn, NY. Then came Covid-19. The CD was released on February 29, and by March 11, Covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic. We all know how the world changed and how no one was not affected by it.

Suddenly all music gigs on my calendar through July were cancelled and my CD sales became my pandemic hobby of selling over 1000 copies from my kitchen table. Plans of a new band we’re put on hold, and my performing was relegated to my music room in my house. Through the magic of the internet and my PR agent, I received very good press and met many people through interviews from all over the world. My band mates agreed to start rehearsing our new band, always practicing distancing and singing through sweaty masks.

So, I feel very lucky and grateful to have felt the joys of my new CD, a great new band, and good health through this terrible part of human history. My heart hurts for those not as fortunate.”

Harvey Dalton Arnold, Haw River, NC