Jamie Hansen

Fine art in watercolor

painting with copper leaf on easel

My watercolors are bright and expressive works that reflect my love of music and the creative process.

Luminous Night

“Luminous Night” is part of my newest series inspired by contemporary choral music. This painting is about “Luminous Night of the Soul” By Ola Gjello. The song is a sweeping, cinematic piece about finding your purpose and emerging from a dark place.

Tundra Diptych

10″ x 20″ watercolor on board. This diptych was inspired by the choral work “Tundra” by Ola Gjeilo, a haunting and beautiful song about the mountains of Norway.

Dark Night of The Soul I

My latest watercolor series is inspired by contemporary choral music: this was painted to Ola Gjello’s “Dark Night of the Soul.”

Inspired by the intersection of art and music.

My husband, a conductor and music educator, has a deep passion for music and a talent for connecting with others through his art. His passion and ability have inspired and shaped my own artistic practice.

Creating art is an ongoing process of exploration and experimentation, and I am always open to new ideas and unexpected results. My creative process is informed by my love of bright colors, tactile forms, and the expressive power of music.

abstract watercolor on an easel

Visual Artist. Designer. Music Lover.

I’m a watercolor artist, web designer, and creative freelancer. My creative practice helps me explore, understand, and contribute to the communities around me.

Portraits Project

My Portraits Project is a series of large-scale watercolor portraits that pay tribute to the resilience and adaptability of musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way of exploring the changes and challenges faced by musicians during this time, I invited musicians from around the world to share their stories and experiences with me.

painting of saxophone player