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Portraits Project

Art by Jamie Hansen

Did your world
change last year?

Mine did. And it also did for the musicians featured in my show. My watercolor series explores some of these shifts. Last year I invited musicians worldwide to send me stories of changes in their lives and in their relationship with music.

It started with an ad I ran online.

Posted August 2020:  “Has the pandemic changed your relationship with your instrument? Has it changed your views on performing live? Have you shifted which instruments you are most drawn to, or has the time strengthened your relationship with your primary instrument? I’m accepting stories and photos for my musicians series and I would love to hear your story.”

I was inspired by the responses I received.

“This pandemic has shifted all things in my life, but one thing that remains is music.” – Shaina, Durham, NC

“Musicians all over the world are having an extremely hard time during Covid-19. But despite the difficulties, we keep smiling and tune our instruments to prepare for the better days ahead.” – Faliq, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I painted from their words and photos.

My Portraits Project is a series of twelve large-scale watercolor portraits that are available for collaborative shows and installation at venues throughout the Southeastern US.

My art

Portraits of Musicians by Jamie Hansen

Celebrating music.