jamie hansen with paintings



My art and illustrations are rich in detail and saturated with color. I love the mercurial nature of the watercolor medium and I’m mesmerized by how the paint continues to move over wet paper after I have lifted my brush. My goal is to leave only passages of color and traces of motion when my paint dries.

I’m a watercolor artist, web designer, and creative freelancer. My creative practice helps me explore, understand, and contribute to the communities around me.

Current Series: My Music Series

My music series is a collection of illustrations of instruments, portraits of performers, and abstract paintings inspired by music.

The story of my music series begins with my love story. After art school I married my high school sweetheart, now a music teacher. Our life together is a joyful arrangement of concerts, shows, and rooms full of musical instruments.


I take commissions as time permits. For heraldry art inquiries, please complete my heraldry interest form in order for me to consider your project.


I love donating my art to support music education advocacy. Contact me to discuss ways that my work could help your nonprofit arts or music organization.